Produk Pencetakan Lentikular

Lenticular Printing is a method by which normally flat, static images can convey depth and motion. The "magic" of the image is an optical illusion created by a plastic sheet covered with many rows of tiny lenses. Each lens on the lenticular sheet magnifies a small portion of the image beneath it. As the viewing angle of the lens changes, a different portion of the image is magnified. That is why lenticular images appear to change as the viewing angle changes.
Our cool 3D Lenticular Printing Products are very eye-catching and popular, widely used in advertising, promotional gift or decoration, such as fridge magnet, business card, phone case, bookmark, mouse mat etc.
Material: PET/ PP/ PS/ PVC (Eco-friendly and non-toxic)
Color: CMYK or PMS
Printing: UV offset printing, silkscreen printing, Laser security, foil stamping, special effects printing
Effect: 3D depth, flip, morph, zoom, animation
Thickness: 0.3~0.7mm
Back side: Pearl film, Paper, Sticker, magnet, OPP film or customized